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Introduction to 3D Sound

Music in 3D Stereo

3D Audio brings a level of immersion in sound unlike anything you have experienced before.

Our products, with their embedded motion sensors, push the realism of this experience even further, with any of your content.


1. Choose your app


Windows drivers

Enjoy 3D Audio on your PC with those drivers.
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iOS Media Player

Download this app for your iPad or iPhone.
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2. Choose your 3D Audio product ?


Looking for new headphones ?

The world’s first smart 3D Audio headphones.


Already have your headphones?

3D Audio brought to all headphones.


What you love, redefined.

We change the way you listen to your content, taking it to the next level.
You’re totally immersed in your activity, with spatialized sound sources adapting to every movement.


Don’t keep your tunes stuck to your ears and let the music face you with 3D Stereo. The listening fatigue is reduced, and you get a natural, speaker-like experience.

Plug the 3D Sound One headphones (or your existing headphones with 3D Sound One Module) in your PC or iOS device and turn them into a real Home Cinema you can take anywhere.

Video games
Your games take on a whole new dimension.
Are you looking for immersion and extreme realism when playing on your PC ?

Virtual reality
Dive into a new world.
Add an audio dimension to your virtual reality projects and dive into a whole new world

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