3D Audio brought to all headphones.

Turn the sound of your favorite headphones into dazzling 3D Audio.

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A powerful true-to-life immersive sound


Get a glimpse of what it feels like

Put on your earphones or headphones

You can get a grasp of what it sounds like with the above video of a small game we have developed.

3D Audio brings a level of immersion in sound unlike anything you have experienced before.

3D Sound One or 3D Sound One Module, with their embedded motion sensors, push the realism of this experience even further, with any of your content.


Head tracking gives you the full picture



Our algorithms use the motion sensors embedded in the 3D Sound One headphones or Module to take into account the micro-movements you unconsciously make when your brain tries to locate a sound source. It provides you with the most realistic 3D sound image for all your content.


Your music has never been so relaxing

Listen to your music in a way you never have before.

Open your space with a sound that is not stuck to your ears anymore. With 3D Audio, let it face you just like two speakers would in real life.


Get relaxed and reduce the listening fatigue

By externalizing the sound you perceive, the 3D Sound One headphones (or 3D Sound One Module and your favorite pair of headphones) allow you to be more relaxed by reducing the listening fatigue, without bothering your colleagues.

Yoga drawing

The natural experience of a speaker setup

3D Sound One reproduces the experience you would get from a speaker setup in your living room, in a pair of headphones you can take anywhere.
Speakers drawing



What you love, redefined.

We change the way you listen to your content, taking it to the next level.
You’re totally immersed in your activity, with spatialized sound sources adapting to every movement.


Don’t keep your tunes stuck to your ears and let the music face you with 3D Stereo. The listening fatigue is reduced, and you get a natural, speaker-like experience.

Plug the 3D Sound One headphones (or your existing headphones with 3D Sound One Module) in your PC or iOS device and turn them into a real Home Cinema (5.1, 7.1) you can take anywhere.

Video games
Your games take on a whole new dimension.
Are you looking for immersion and extreme realism when playing on your PC ?


“I am blown away with the experience”

I am currently listening to one of my favorite American jazz quartet – “Fourplay”, and I am blown away with the experience! I feel as if I am live in the concert.
Arun Thota, Operations Lead at Deloitte



“Feels just like the movie theater”

I watch hundreds of movies in my bed and on the go. 3D Sound Labs brought a technology that feels just like the movie theater. 
Julien Graziani, Cinema lover



“I can hear enemies coming from behind”

While playing CS GO, I get so immersed that I can even hear the enemies coming from behind. Thank you ! 
Benjamin Canova, Counter Striker Player


The world’s first smart 3D Audio headphones.

The pair of headphones that is crafted for 3D Audio.  WATCH VIDEO

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