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3D Audio Demonstration to make the difference with the stereo sound

All Deep Sound around you. Try the new 3d audio demo to discover the difference between stereo sound and surround sound

March 20, 2016, 22:42 – 3D Sound Labs

We have now launched our 3D audio demo to allow web users to experience a glimpse of the 3D Sound One experience, the new 3d audio headphones of 3d Sound Labs

Utilising binaural recording techniques which is a reproduction of the sound the same way a human ear hears it. So by recording the sound in different locations and then playing back this audio from a central point it gives the perception of where the sound is coming from and genuine 360° audio.

Our 3D audio technology with unique high end algorithms communicates between the source of the audio and your headphones to replicate a high-level experience of audio realism. Our headphones provide audio from over 100 sources to surround you whether you are watching a movie, listening to music, gaming online or experiencing a virtual reality environment.

Click here to listen to our 3D Audio Demo below to experience how sound can truly become three dimensional and replicate a natural listening experience.