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3D Sound Labs’ VR Audio Kit

We are always improving our VR Audio Kit with some enhancements and bugs corrections

Make sure you work with the latest version of VR Audio Kit. (V 0.3.1)

3D Sound Labs SDK or audio kit boosts a very low CPU consumption for mobile as well as low latency processing for both Ambisonics and object-based audio.


Any platform can become your playground !


This Audio Kit is supporting the four major platforms for native developments : Windows, Android, iOS and OS X.

Also, our Unity plugin allows you to place sound sources anywhere in your virtual environment and render them live with extreme accuracy and realism.

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The latest release of our VR Audio Kit is available for download from our website.

Download it


Please drop us a line anytime at to tell us about it! We are also available in case you have ideas for improvement or in case you want to report a bug.