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Afro Spot VR: When music meets technology, an event about Virtual Reality

This year, 3D Sound Labs is proud to be a partner of Afro Spot VR, a project mixing music and technology with a touch of passion.

August 14, 2016 – 09: 53 – 3D Sound Labs

The background

In the late 60’s, a new musical and cultural identity has emerged from Africa, afro spot vr. Fast-forward to the 80s, Paris found itself as the capital of the “world sound system”: A musical movement caused by influx of diverse African musicians arriving from former French colonies which grew and expanded beyond its borders, eventually taking root in London and New York in particular. This abundant, accelerated and melted urbanity created a unique cultural cocktail that is still present today in many artistic disciplines. As a result, new pathways were developed for people to meet and exchanges ideas, crossing the frontiers of culture, music and art.

New information technologies such as mobile phones, digital video and the internet are also vectors of this planetary integration. Since their inception they have been used by all people around the globe, and have permitted encounters that were not possible until then.

The current development of virtual reality is going to shake up the music innovation environment even more. Its striking success does not only depend on the new techniques and lightning fast hardware, as well as consumers who purchase the products. This innovation will also need compelling and high quality content to grow.

It is from this observation that this project and ambition was founded by Eric Munch and Robert Dray.


An artistic lab

The idea of a regular meeting around Afro and Jazz music, to which he dedicated all his artistic life, was born around Tony Allen, one of the most important jazz drummers alive and, with Fela Kuti, the creator of a new musical style: Afrobeat.

Settled for more than 20 years in Paris, now Tony Allen wants to pass on his 50 years experience to the new generation of musicians. Along with his busy career that continues with numerous concerts, Tony Allen also wants to revive the activity he has practiced for years with Fela Kuti: His crafts as band leader and artistic director. A team of sound engineers and music fans aims to help him achieve this goal by organizing a concert with his friends & guests every month, in a permanent location or in a different venue each time. Paying tribute to the name of the club in Lagos where afrobeat was born in 1967, almost 50 years ago, this event will be called AFRO SPOT VR.


A tech lab

The music created during the AFRO SPOT VR events will benefit from the best available broadcasting technologies to date. Extreme care will be granted to sound recording and reproduction to the audience. The visual aspect will not either be neglected: Virtual reality technologies and live internet broadcasting are going to strongly increase the impact and the perception of this event. The concerts will be filmed and broadcasted in virtual reality 360. This process will allow music lovers from all around the world to partake remotely, with VR headsets, in this unique experience as if they were in the middle of the audience.