What is 3D Sound ?


What we call “3D sound” actually sounds just like the one you experience in real life. You can identify where sounds are coming from around you. With the 3D Sound One headphones, we have the ability to reproduce a sound and place to make it sound like it is coming from anywhere in space.

Our technology creates a 360° fully artificial environment with sound sources you perceive as coming from any distance or direction.

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Mono sound

Only one source, speaker, or channel… This is known as monophonic sound reproduction. For example, if you listen to a vinyl album on your grandparents’ old record player… or if you use just one speaker to listen to your music and movies, that is mono sound.

Stereo sound

Two sources, two speakers, two channels… Most often, stereophonic sound is represented by a left and a right speaker. This is the sound you have been able to hear through traditional headphones in the past.
But, with 3D Sound One, those days are over!


Multisource sound

This is the sound reproduced, for example, by a home theater sound system. It usually requires at least six speakers: two behind you, three in front of you, and a subwoofer for bass. DVDs support 5.1 multichannel audio, and Blu-ray discs support 7.1 (same concept with two additional speakers).

Today, you no longer need this type of installation to fully experience your movies! 3D Sound One is your personal home theater system, and you can take it anywhere at anytime.

New 3D audio formats are becoming available, with even more sound sources. That means you will need even more speakers to reproduce them, unless you use 3D Sound One.

3D Sound One lets you hear an unlimited number of sound sources: Get ready to be fully immersed in sound.


Sound Perception

In your day-to-day life, you subconsciously perform a detailed analysis of your environment, and your brain focuses on any kind of change within that environment.

When you hear a sound, you subconsciously move your head to determine its exact origin. Your brain uses the perceived difference to accurately locate the source of the sound. It does not need a large movement; just a few degrees is enough.

You also make micro-movements when watching a movie. 3D Sound One compensates for these movements so that the sound source remains fixed relative to the screen./p>

As a result, your brain can pinpoint where the sound is coming from, which is the only way to have full immersion and a realistic sound experience.


Motion sensors

The box on the left side of the headphones houses the motion sensors: a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and a magnetometer. Data travels from the sensors to the app or driver via Bluetooth Smart.
The system is powered by a rechargeable battery lasting more than 18 hours.


The sensors track your movements. Even when watching a movie, you are not completely still. These sensors pick up and adjust for even the slightest of micro-movements to immerse you completely in your activity.
By accounting for these micro-movements, 3D Sound One produces realistic sound.
This is due to a psychoacoustic effect.


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