3D Sound Labs’ Audio SDK :
The Key to Immersive VR Audio Revolution

VR Audio Kit is the latest development audio sdk kit for 3D Sound Labs
that allows developers to build amazing 3D audio for games and experiences.




Harness the power of 3D Audio

What you can do with VR Audio Kit

Are you a game developer, a sound professional, a VR enthusiast, or just a curious creator?

The VR Audio Kit SDK (Software Development Kit) allows you to take advantage of 3D Sound Labs’ patented technology in any of your projects, even the craziest! The only limit is your imagination !

Our 3D Audio technology brings a level of immersion in sound unlike anything you have experienced before.

It can create a 360° fully artificial environment with sound sources you perceive as coming from any distance or direction.



Head Tracking brings you even further




You have a 3D Sound Labs head tracker (such as the one embedded in the 3D Sound One headset)? You can take advantage of it with VR Audio Kit for a complete immersive audio experience.

Release your creativity

Create your dream project

Add an ultra-realistic sound experience to your Unity virtual world, create a custom audio plugin to be used in your favourite DAW… The possibilities are endless!

With VR Audio Kit, you are able to embed our high-end sound processing algorithms to your creations and take them to a whole new level of realism with High Order Ambisonic sound (including B-Format).
VR Audio Kit can currently be used for iOS, OSX, Android and Windows developments. A Unity Plugin is also available (iOS, OSX, Windows and Android compatible)!




VR Audio Kit evaluation license

Get a grasp of VR Audio Kit with the evaluation license. You’ll have access to the full features set with an audio watermark.

In this way you will get a clear picture of the power of our technology and how it can integrate into your project.

Give us your feedback and share your projects with the community !

VR Audio Kit pro license

Are you planning to use VR Audio Kit in a distributed project ?
Get a watermark-free version of VR Audio Kit with a distribution license.

To get more info, simply drop us a line at developers@3dsoundlabs.com!