The emotion of a speaker setup packed in a pair of headphones

The sound is not trapped in your head anymore.
The listening fatigue is reduced, and you get a natural listening experience, just like the one you’d get from a speaker setup in the comfort of your living room.


Music in 3D Stereo (put headphones or earphones on)

Tired of the oppressing sound of your headphones?


How many times have you tried to isolate yourself with headphones but quickly felt oppressed by a sound that is stuck in your head ?


Get relaxed and reduce the listening fatigue

By externalizing the sound you perceive, the 3D Sound One headphones (or 3D Sound One Module and your favorite pair of headphones) allow you to be more relaxed by reducing the listening fatigue, without bothering your colleagues.

Yoga drawing

The natural experience of a speaker setup

3D Sound One reproduces the experience you would get from a speaker setup in your living room, in a pair of headphones you can take anywhere.

Speakers drawing


Release your sound space


Let your music breathe and discover a new way to enjoy it.


A new dimension of sound

Push the boundaries that trapped the sound inside of your head and make it take on another dimension. You will never be able to go backwards.

Sphere 3D Drawing

Restore the subtlety of your music

The sound of your music is meant to be rich and powerful, let it be that way with a spatialized sound that is perfectly equalized.

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The experience of a movie theater,
wherever you go

Connected to your Windows laptop or iOS device, the 3D Sound One headphones, or your favorite pair coupled with 3D Sound One Module, turn into a real Home Cinema you can take anywhere.
No need for special files or recordings, any 5.1/7.1 movie will be taken to the next level with a stunning spatialized sound reproducing the experience you would get at the theater.

Take the emotion of the cinema with you


Embrace the emotion of a movie theater in a pair of headphones thanks an incredible spatialized sound that will leave you wanting more. You can either use your own headphones (with 3D Sound One Module attached) or the all-in-one 3D Sound One headphones.


Discover the director’s original intent

Live a sound experience that is true to the director’s original intention.

Director Drawing

Be transported at the heart of your movie

Enter a new sound world and add a stunning degree of realism and immersion to your movies.

Sphere 3D Drawing


Don’t have room for a Home Cinema ?


Have you ever wanted a Home Cinema setup but never took the step because it is expensive and requires a lot of space?


A Home Cinema you can take anywhere

Enjoy a mind-blowing 5.1 and 7.1 sound experience with 3D Sound One headphones or module, featuring Bluetooth motion sensors and a patented technology.

5-1 7-1 Drawing

Forget the lousy sound of your devices

Bring more space, richness and precision, and forget the sound of your laptop or tablet.

Clap Drawing



Step up your game

The 3D Sound One headset and its embedded motion tracker, or 3D Sound One Module attached to your own favorite headset are taking things one step further with a precise spatialized sound, delivering you a gaming experience of extreme realism.
With its Windows audio driver, all your existing games and applications generating multichannel audio come to life.


Be here when it matters


With the 3D Sound One headset, don’t miss your chance to be here in the most decisive moments.


Extremely accurate sound localization

The 3D Sound One headset, or your existing headset coupled with 3D Sound One Module bring you an accurate localization of the sound sources surrounding you for a clear competitive advantage.

Accurate drawing

Stay focused and speed up your decisions

With a clear sound map of your surroundings, you are able to remain focused and act faster.



Release the true potential of your games


Your games are expensive, why would you limit their potential with a boring flat sound?


Fully reveal their sound richness

Embrace a unique gaming experience and bring you game to life with an incredibly immersive sound.

Sphere 3D Drawing

Access unsuspected content

The 3D Sound One headphones or module give you access to unsuspected subtle aspects of your games.

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Discover a new world

Add an audio dimension to your virtual reality projects.


Beyond 3D imagery and Virtual Reality environments, 360° sound is key to creating a truly immersive new world for a realistic experience.

Our SDK allows developers to integrate our technology directly into their virtual scenes or applications.
We are also working on partnerships with virtual reality goggle manufacturers.