Download 3D audio driver and apps

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Windows Audio Driver

We developed a driver opening our 3D audio technology to Microsoft’s latest operating systems : Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The headphones use the PC’s Bluetooth Low Energy connection – or a Bluetooth dongle (BLE) – for the motion sensors to capture every head movement.

The driver creates a virtual sound card which allows the user to enjoy 3D sound using any apps generating multichannel audio (video games, films, etc).

Download (2.1.7)
(Windows 10 Anniversary Update (64-Bits) and later)

Download (1.7)
(Legacy version : Windows 8.1 and later)

iOS Audio Driver App

The One Player app offers a complete, unique sound experience by recreating all audio sources around you just like in real life. You won’t feel the sound coming from inside your head but from all around you, 360°. Thanks to our headset and motion sensors, you will benefit from the most immersive sound experience ever.


Feel the sound like you would with the best home theaters ! Immerse yourself in your movie the easiest way : no need for a specific format or recording, just add your media files to the application via iTunes or cloud services and start enjoying your experience !
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